An open invitation!

You can help support students who wish to participate in the c-Watch program through work/study stipends and coverage of travel expenses to one of our Pop-up SOC operations.

The Cyber Resilience Institute is seeking additional partners for Cyber Intelligence Training and Career Path Program teams.  Each team is comprised of 5 participants plus a qualified faculty advisor.

Partnership Opportunities.  We invite organizations to participate with:

  1. Scholarship Alternative
  • Program Underwriter: $50,000
  • Scholarships for three Teams with mentor: $35,000
  • Scholarships for one Team: $7,500

Contact us if you are interested in one of these scholarship alternatives.

  1. Data Alternative

Companies are invited to place a data sensor outside the firewall of their organizations (NOT inside their networks), to deliver valuable netflow data for c-Watch students to use in the threat hunting exercise. Companies will have direct access to the data, as well as to threat reports c-Watch students deliver.

  1. Resource Alternative

Companies are invited to provide a qualified executive to participate as a corporate team leader

  1. CrowdWatch Alternative

Graduates, and CrowdWatch participants possess superior critical thinking skills vital to threat hunting, cyber security, information sharing, and SOC professionals.  Direct access to this highly qualified group offers cost savings to partner organizations requiring full time cyber professionals with real world work experience, or access to talent for contract-based, or project work.

Charitable contributions to the Cyber Resilience Institute, a 501(c)(3) are tax deductible!

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