Winning as a c-Champion

The primary sponsor of a local or state c-Community is designated as our primary point of contact for all sales and distribution activities and for coordination on regional CyberUSA programs.

These are our Market Makers!

Our c-Champions can bring products and services vendors to the platform and earn a commission when transactions are conducted through the platform.  Our c-Champions also have access to our Threat Intelligence Platform (1 seat) and our THREAT ALERT news feeds.

The c-Champion Partners are the people that establish the local c-Community marketplaces.  They also establish the governance for the Community Cyber Marketplace.  c-Champion Partners may participate in the marketplace service offerings, consistent with the governance as detailed in our

Master Participation Agreement.

c-Champion marketplace leaders coordinate with community stakeholders and government officials to ensure the formation of public policy and trust frameworks to ensure effective economic development and community resilience for their own state or region.

The local Community Cyber Marketplace is run by the c-Champion, typically a nonprofit or social benefit organization (B-Corp).  The c-Champion can use the Toolkit tools to build out the c-Community.  The Toolkit is the guide to help organizations form and build alliances within its community.  All of these tools will be useful in the formation of the Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO).

Get Access to Toolkit Resources for Building Your ISAO!


It’s easy to become a c-Champion!

Earn money building your c-Community!

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