This is an open invitation to local and regional ISAOs that are forming across the United States to join up and become part of a larger, more effective coalition of voices supporting cyber threat information sharing.

Working through “trust” communities, each geography (marketplace) has existing trust communities.  These are communities that meet regularly,  and where members know and can vouch for each other. These include:

  • Technology councils
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Economic development authorities
  • Cybersecurity clubs at universities, colleges and trade schools
  • Various membership organizations
  • Individual government agencies
  • Private sector firms

As this is where trust already resides, our model provides tools for these communities to rapidly deploy and become members of regional and national sharing groups. CyberUSA has been actively building out these c-Communities as a national network of sharing communities.

It is the leadership in the local community that leads to its success.  Our c-Champions are the CyberUSA market makers in each region and lead the efforts to build programs, recruit vendors, convene meetings and work with local government.

We currently have early adopters in these regions:

Become the Market Maker in your state, region or locality.

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