Our Programs are the Lifeblood of our Communities!


The following sections describe the various programs that we have been building out on behalf of the c-Market and our affiliated partners are currently building out. Our programs have been designed to meet the specific cyber threat information sharing needs of our members.

We welcome member feedback and requests for additional programming as the community is building out.

  • c-Assure Program – Cyber insurance especially tailored for the community market
  • c-CISA Program –  An architected offering by which community partners can offer CISA’s statutory benefits
  • c-Consultant Program – A cadre of c-Watch specialists that can provide specialized ad hoc support services to c-Watch members
  • c-Innovator – Program  A consortium of technology and cybersecurity incubator organizations from around the U.S.
  • c-Jurist Program  – A consortium of attorneys that specialize in cyber law
  • c-Watch Program  A specialized training program for individuals seeking to upgrade their cyber threat hunting skills






Innovation in Program Design!


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