About the Community Cyber Movement

Play a part in the Community Cyber Movement and make a difference!

Community Cyber is a community of interest among concerned organizations and individuals which frames the cyber attack landscape as a threat to communities and which calls for collective, private-public measures that improve capacity and resilience across all facets of society.

And, while demonstrating your commitment to being part of the solution by joining this movement is critical, Community Cyber represents more than just a community of interest.  That’s just the beginning.

The Community Cyber Movement leverages the strength of market forces to generate sustainable community defenses and spur innovation.  And together, we show our Unity of Purpose by displaying the insignia to the right, which is made available for free through the license given below.

And, for those interested in championing Community Cyber Movement efforts in your own community, or participating in commercial activities to support Community Cyber, the license provides entry for getting involved with c-Market as a vendor, solution provider, or state-Affiliate through CyberUSA. Through your involvement, you’ll gain access to our programs.

So Get Involved! 

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Review our license and download the Community Cyber Movement Mark.

Then, use the Mark as part of your business strategy.

Join the Movement! 

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