c-Watch Training and the CrowdWatch Cadre’

c-Watch Training and the CrowdWatch Cadre’

This program is a national workforce, education and training effort with local participation by interns, universities, c-Champion partners, and supporting sponsors.  Students and a university coordinator participate in a crowd-sourced environment over a period of several months that involves cyber threat platform training, trade-craft lectures, hunting and analyst tools, public policy scenarios, and an event-based experiential learning capstone.  The license is with universities and provides students a cyber threat intelligence and information sharing virtual laboratory and curriculum, whereby participating universities create a course credit offering tied to the crowd-sourced environment, or their students can register and transfer credit from a participating, license-holding university that offers course credit.  Further, universities may develop additional derivative courses in the emerging spaces of cyber intelligence, information sharing, and public policy.

Over the past two years, the founders of the c-Market have implemented two separate internship programs for graduate and undergraduate students from over 30 Universities across the United States. We run “pop-up” security operations centers (SOCs) concurrent with major sporting events through the Sports-ISAO program of affiliate partner, the Cyber Resilience Institute.

We run three concurrent “tracks” to provide students from a variety of backgrounds the real-time, hands-on experience in working within an operational SOC. These are:

  • Cyber Observable Threat Hunter (COTH);
  • Social Media Threat Hunter (SMTH); and
  • Cyber Threat Analyst Unit (CTAC).

The c-Watch program is an extension of the Crowd-sourced Cyber Threat Intelligence Program.  Former interns who have satisfactorily completed the internship may transition into the c-Watch Program and become a member of the CrowdWatch™.   These trained cyber threat hunters, analysts and advisors will participate as part of a national network to support government, major event, and commercial outsourced cyber threat requirements.  Under this program, a licensed c-Champion partner will have the manpower from the CrowdWatch™ in its area to establish a Pop-up SOC. 

CRI’s Sports-ISAO Program Office offers a Pop-up SOC activity that supports major sports events.  Standing up a Pop-up SOC using the CrowdWatch™ and participating in the cyber threat monitoring activity during a major event affords a c-Champion partner the resources and operational protocols to establish its ISAO presence in its community.

This activity begins the c-Champion’s establishment of the Community Cyber Model.


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