c-Market Launched at CyberUSA Conference

On January 30th, 2018 c-Market co-Founder Doug DePeppe spoke at the CyberUSA Conference in San Antonio, Texas.  He announced to the ISAO and ISAC communities that the c-Market, a joint effort between the Cyber Resilience Institute (CRI) and CyberUSA, was officially in business. 

In his talk he noted that the c-Market™ delivers cyber marketplace efficiencies to communities which drive down costs, make solutions more available, and open new community markets to vendors.  On the demand side, it cuts through the fatigue and confusion that surrounds cyber and offers price advantages through solution bundling and cost sharing of expensive resources.

For the community, c-Market™ delivers innovation and market opportunity to Main Street, as local offerings become offered through local, micro-clouds. For the Nation and state interests in public safety and economic development, c-Market™ solves the down-market gap because ground-up resilience-building helps small and mid-size businesses.

Overall, by creating a local market value proposition, c-Market™ is a disruptive technology which represents a return of wealth generation to Main Street.      

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