c-Watch: Crowdsourcing Threat Intelligence

The c-Watch Program, a cyber intelligence workforce program of the Cyber Resilience Institute (CRI) through its Sports-ISAO Program Office, provides lectures, experiential learning, and tool training for students in the areas of cyber intelligence, analytics, and information sharing operations. It is offered via license to interested universities and training institutions (with additional support, as needed, to build out cyber intelligence curriculum). The students join a virtual network of students from across the nation, and even international students in some instances, and are afforded licenses and training on several technology platforms that function as learning instruments during the four-month program. Lectures are designed to ensure foundational knowledge is provided.

The program is organized in three tracks, to enable students with diverse backgrounds to join an interdisciplinary team. The three tracks are: Policy, Tradecraft, and Social Media. Each is focused on growing knowledge along the intelligence continuum, from collection to analysis and culminating in outcomes such as sharing, reporting, and escalating to recipients across the Public-Private Partnership and ISAO landscape.

Each track has distinct requirements for successful completion of the student program. Students are placed in a single track, with cross-over coordination and activity encouraged. For purposes of tracking successful completion, however, the student’s performance is measured against the selected track.

Graduates of this program that successfully complete all requirements are nominated to become a part of the CrowdWatch cadre of cyber threat hunters.

Inquire if you would like further information on our upcoming training in preparation for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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