Crowdsourced CTI Interns Use c-Market Toolkit

An application of the c-Market Toolkit during a Pop-up SOC Operation.

The Sports-ISAO is a program of the Cyber Resilience Institute (CRI), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit established in 2014. CRI is engaged in assisting communities and organizations in cyber resilience organizing, program development, and ISAO advocacy across the country and internationally. CRI helps governmental and commercial organizations establish a sustainable Private-Public-Partnership (PPP) for cyber market making to improve resilience among market participants.  CRI performs these cyber market-making functions under contract to DHS.

During the summer of 2017 the Sports-ISAO ran a summer-long internship program for graduate and undergraduate students in computer science, information technology, law, and international affairs. Participants were from 30 universities across the United States. CRI had over 80 applicants for the program in 2017 with 62 making it through the vetting process. After natural attrition, approximately 30 Interns participated throughout the summer. Our objective was to train the students on basic skills in cyber threat hunting using both a threat intelligence platform (TIP) and a social media threat hunting platform.  A wide range of speakers from many world-wide corporations participated in the lecture series including representatives from Facebook, Target, Chevron, Symantec, TruSTAR, Dunami, InfoCyte and the Cyber Threat Intelligence Network, among others.  Students were trained on the methods and models of cyber threat hunting with the intent of establishing a crowdsourced cadre of cyber threat hunters (CTHs) skilled in understanding the tradecraft and nomenclature.  A concurrent policy track worked in conjunction with the threat hunters to hone their skills in understanding the legal, regulatory and policy implications of the operation.

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