Sports-ISAO Internship in Full Swing

The Sports-ISAO is an excellent example of how a not-for-profit can build a nation-wide network from scratch.  Sports-ISAO is a program of the Cyber Resilience Institute (CRI), a Colorado Springs based non-governmental organization (NGO) [in the U.S., a 501(c)(3)] established in 2014.  CRI has both a national and an international reach.

An ISAO is formed as a willing collaboration of entities that seek to generate, share, and use cyber threat intelligence to improve situational awareness and resilience. ISAOs are promoted as the core national cybersecurity strategy, and advancing their standup and engagement with public and private sector stakeholders is national policy promulgated in White House Executive Order 13691, February 13, 2015. Upon direction of the U.S. White House, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) established the ISAO Standards Organization (ISAO SO), charging it with establishing ISAO constructs and procedures, and promoting national adoption of cyber threat information sharing via widespread ISAO formation.

The Sports-ISAO was formed in response to this national Call to Action. Sports-ISAO leadership also hold leadership positions in the ISAO Standards Organization (SO), as well as international bodies generating standards for automated information sharing, the European Union agency studying cyber threat intelligence, and US Department of Homeland Security coordination and support activities involved with national capacity building and resilience.

CRI is engaged in assisting communities and organizations in cyber resilience organizing, program development, and ISAO advocacy across the country and internationally. In particular, CRI helps governmental and commercial organizations establish a sustainable Private-Public-Partnership (PPP) for cyber market making to improve resilience among market participants. The Elixir of Sport can rally the advancement of information sharing as a national imperative, and for the 2017 it is creating a talent pipeline for the emerging ISAO market segment.

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