Sharing Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence sharing has become vogue in the modern hacked world. It is touted as the most effective way for implementing offensive countermeasures. Leaders in regional and local communities that are trying to coalesce the key stakeholders have an uphill battle when seeking to engage on matters of actual threat intelligence sharing.

Most of what is seen is redundant with government sources and not actionable in nature.  The c-Champions that become authorized under the c-Market program to establish c-Communities will have the tools and support network to go beyond the rhetoric.

The first step is to identify or create a suitable not-for-profit organization to use as the basis for developing trust relationships among and between local and regional stakeholders.  The next step is to evangelize the idea of threat sharing to the local members of the public and private sector organizations.  It is also useful to identify the c-Community as an official information sharing and analysis organization (ISAO), or in our parlance, a c-ISAO!

Use the resources of the Toolkit on this c-Market website and contact us for further information on how to get involved!


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